161 Becoming a RunnerProcrastination has always been at the top of our list of weaknesses and enemies especially when we are planning to actually do something physical like exercise for example. Nonetheless, one can actually fight it, with determination and effort. And that exactly are the two of the things that should be needed if you wanted to go for a run as an exercise. Running is said to be one of the best types of exercising. While there are some people who think that running is such an exhausting and tedious activity, it can actually be a fun, interesting, as well as a healthy pastime.


You can actually take advantage of running by reaping the benefits it can give to the body. Not only is it good for losing weight, prevent sickness and the likes including heart diseases, osteoporosis, and so on, and keeping your body fit and healthy, but it can also help you in maintaining your mental health. It can boost your mood as well as your self-esteem. It can also help in clearing your mind, putting off anxiety and stress. Studies even show that running can help a person to fight insomnia, which means that running can help you have a good night’s sleep. It can also make your immune system stronger. And there is a lot more.


Running can give you a lot of benefits and if you wanted to reap these benefits later on, here are some head starts when you wanted to go for a run.


Start small

Most people who succeed always start with something small. It is the same thing with running. Sometimes, because we get too excited, we start with something too big for us, beginners, to handle. For example, you are a beginner and yet you started with running for long distances already. That might cause injury to your body especially if it is not ready yet or if it was not trained enough to actually do something that need more speed and endurance.  For a beginner, one can start with short distances or for a short period. Say, for example, one can start by just running for 20 minutes for a few times in a week. After a week or two, you can add a few minutes or distance to your running activity.


Set your goals

Make a plan and ask yourself, why are you doing this? Is it to make you thin and fit? Is it to make you healthy? What is it that you wanted to achieve? Do you want to win a running competition? Or do you just want to run a hundred miles? Set your goals and your objectives as well. You can make objectives per week or two if you want to. That way it would also be easier to see your improvements as well as to know if you are really improving. Also, remember, to be consistent all the time. Stick to your goals and stick to your running routine.


Stay healthy

Along with other exercising activities, one must also keep a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated as well as sleep with the right amount of hours.


Motivate yourself

Find something, an inspiration perhaps, to motivate you. When procrastination creeps in, ask yourself and remember why you even started.

095 History of MarathonsHave you ever join a marathon run? Nowadays, marathon running is increasingly become more and more popular. One of the reasons is the cause for having the event. Many people want to help in this kind of way. There are so many benefits that you could avail from joining marathon run especially for a cause. Aside from helping who ever the beneficiary of that event, you can also avail personal health benefits since running is a healthy cardio exercise. It would also improve your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, agility, and most of all is fun. When you are having fun, you are actually taking in positive vibes and feeling happy with what you do also give health benefits. So, now do you see the picture of why people are joining marathon run?

But, is marathon new sport? Base on the history of marathon, research tells us that marathon raise has been done for decades already. People before are also holding marathon raise event for a cause. That is why if you become part of this sport, you are actually becoming a part of a bigger picture. But for people who are joining marathon race, it is not that easy to finish the required distance. The only way that you could get the feeling of fulfillment is if you could finish the race even if you did not win the raise. Finishing the raise is a different thing than just being a part of the event. Everybody can become a part of the event but not everybody could finish the race. So, it will be part of your goal to finish the raise or if you are competitive you should win the race.

But in order to win the race, there are some preparations required particularly with physical preparation. You need to be physically fit, you need to have a good diet, you need to be hydrated, and you need to wear the right gears to prevent injuries. Running in a marathon is really a fun time to do especially if you had a bad day or week. This is a good time to unwind and be relaxed from your stressful life. This is also a great for family bonding. I have known may families who joined marathon race as their family time. Aside from developing good health, you are also developing good relationships towards each other. So, have fun and enjoy your time running. Good luck! I hope you will be able to finish the distance.

Running has always been a popular form of exercise. Many people love to run early in the morning or late in the afternoon for a variety of reasons. Most though treat it as a part of their everyday life. They may look at it as a hobby to past the time or an outlet for their emotions. It is a widely accepted fact that running is good for the human health. However, many still do not know what specific health benefits of running can be obtained by people who engage in this exercise. If you have been planning to start running, you should know the benefits that it can give you and the following are some of these.


131 health benefits of running


1. Strengthens Your Muscles, Bones and Joints

Running is a good way to build muscle, bone and joint strength. It involves almost all muscles in the body especially in the lower regions like the legs and calves. The bones particularly in the legs, hips and back are made stronger and denser because of the stress the feet apply to the body. As a result of this, osteoporosis can be avoided. Running also strengthens the joints and ligaments, making it easier for runners to move freely.


2. Makes You Lose Weight

This is a common goal for runners. Many of them run because they want to get rid of the extra pounds that they have. Through this exercise, you can gain muscles and lose fats at the same time as a result of the up and down motion of your body while running.


3. Reduces Your Risk of Acquiring Serious Illnesses

Obesity is a growing health concern in the world these days and running is one of the ways to avoid becoming obese. It also makes the heart and arteries function more efficiently which decreases the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. It can also regulate blood sugar levels which lessens your chances of having diabetes.

4. Boosts Your Mental Health

Endorphins which are happiness hormones, are excreted when you run. You can feel happy while and after running. Running is also a good stress reliever and is believed to improve the brain’s functions. Sleeping is easier after having your run and this can relax the mind and make it more productive.


5. Improves Your Appearance

Because of the other health benefits of running like improved blood circulation, efficient nutrient transportation and waste excretion, your skin can give a clearer and more radiant glow than before. Your whole demeanor can also be improved since you are more relaxed, happy and stress-free after running.

With these health benefits of running, you will definitely be more determined and motivated to start your program and stick to it.

198 health benefits of runningRunning is maybe the most common and most popular exercise in the world. It is also the easiest since you do not have to enroll in an exercise program or go to a gym to do it. You just have to be in proper workout attire and you can do it outdoors. Fun runs are even one of the most held events worldwide because a lot of people like to run. One of the reasons why many people like running is that it gives more benefits to the human health compared to other forms of exercise. The following are some of the health benefits of running that you can get.


1. Overall Health Improvement

Running is proven to strengthen muscle endurance and stamina. It can also improve blood circulation and thus, lessens the risk of developing blood clots and having a stroke. It also makes the heart healthier and other body organs such as the lungs. Because of this, heart diseases and respiratory problems can be prevented. There is also a lesser chance of developing certain types of cancer when you run regularly. Overall health is definitely improved through running.


2. Weight Loss

Since you exercise major muscle groups when you run, you burn more calories. The upper, middle and lower muscles in the body are strengthened through running. The excess fats in the body can also be eliminated. You can therefore lose weight more through this exercise. Studies also show that running prevents obesity by increasing weight loss in those who do it regularly. This means that you can avoid diseases which are linked to obesity and its effects.


3. Stress Relief

Most people run to relieve the stress that they are feeling. When you run, you can think and reflect on what you will do for the day and thus, it can make you feel less anxious and stressed out. You can feel more relaxed when you run. It can also make you more focused on your tasks and more energized for the day’s activities. You can concentrate on your responsibilities because you have a clearer mind. Running is also discovered to lift people’s moods. People feel happier, more self-confident and more peaceful when they run.

These are only some of the health benefits of running that you can have. There is a lot more that running can give you. Together with a proper diet, you can live a healthier and happier life through this exercise.

165 losing weight through runningEating is everyone’s favorite activity. But too much eating can cause you obesity and that is why other people limit their food intake just to avoid weight gain.


Eat more and weigh more or eat less and stay fit? Why do we to have to choose? If you choose the first one you will soon get fat and if you will choose the second you will not be able to enjoy your favorite foods. It would be best if you can have both. You get to eat the foods that you like and at the same time stay fit and healthy.


So here is the thing, you get to enjoy your food and stay healthy and fit.


How is this possible? Through exercise you can get both. And running is the best option.


Why running? Let me tell you the reasons why running is the best option to lose weight and stay healthy and fit.


Running is a convenient type of exercise. You can do it anywhere at any time. You can do it with friends or even alone. There is no need of any exercise equipments, all you need are running shoes and comfortable exercise outfit. Running is best for weight loss since it is cheap, accessible and you can do anywhere even you are travelling.


Running is also time efficient. Research shows that running is considered as one of the fastest way to burn calories. In a short period of time you get to burn a lot of calories thus saving your time to do other things.


Remember that running is also good for your health. It does not just help you lose weight but also running is good for the heart. It helps your cardiovascular system perform better.


Now that you know the benefits of running in losing weight you may also want to know how to start with it.


The first thing you need to do is to discipline yourself. Everything that you do starts with yourself. If you are determined to lose your weight it is only then that you can do it.


Make a schedule. In order to lose weight, running should be included in your routine. You can make use of your free time. A morning or afternoon schedule is preferred. If you are not a runner you should always start your exercise with a warm-up. Make your running more intense as you go along each routine. Take note that your body was still adjusting to your new activity.


Make sure to follow your schedule always. And what are you waiting for, grab your shoes and start losing your weight.

Runners are always known for going on strict, rigorous diets. But even the most faithful practitioners of these diets cannot get all the key nutrients that they need for the race.  If your meal plan cannot provide you these vitamins and minerals, then taking supplements may be able to do just that for you. According to Dr. Molly Morgan, a sports dietician, it is still highly recommended to eat whole foods as they supplicate nutrients that cannot be substituted by any form of pills.  However, taking these supplements may also help these runners gain the nutrients that need for the race. Here are lists of supplements that help for races.

086 supplements that help for races


It helps in improving the transfer of oxygen from your lungs to your red blood cells. This Himalayan root enables you to have greater endurance as it prevents you from feeling fatigue and stress. Mountain climbers chew these roots to give them energy and endurance boosts while climbing high peaks of these hills and mountains. The average dosage is from fifty to three hundred milligrams.



These are kinds of mushrooms found in the land of Tibet. Clinical studies show that intake of cordyceps reduces fatigue, optimizes oxygen uptake and improving endurance level. Advised dosage is from one hundred to five hundred milligrams with five to ten percent of adenosine.



It is a Malaysian ginseng used to help individuals survive chronic stress and overtraining. This exotic root from Southeast Asia contains small group of peptides that balances two important hormones -cortisol and testosterone. A person is recommended to take a dosage of twenty five to fifty milligrams of eurycoma. It has also been standardized to twenty to twenty five percent eurypepides.


Whey Protein

Separated from cow’s milk, it is a good source of amino acids needed by your muscles. In addition to this, it also helps in improving your strength and developing lean body mass. Compared to other protein supplements, whey protein is quickly absorbed by the body. So for runners who have difficulty eating enough proteins after training, they may also consider adding whey to their recovery meals. An average of ten grams of whey can be added to smoothies, oats, pancake and yogurt.

Whether you are a running enthusiast preparing for a race or someone who is looking for supplements that will increase one’s strength and endurance, these four supplements can help you achieve these goals. Only keep in mind that these pills and proteins mentioned above cannot serve as substitute for whole foods. Going on a balanced diet and proper training are also key important factors to winning a race.

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082 What to eat before a raceAre you joining a race? What type of race will you be joining? Is it a marathon run or biking? If you will be joining a marathon race, you need to be prepared physically. In a marathon race, they have this exact distance that contestants could choose from. The distance will depend on the organizers. But normally as I can recall, they may offer 3 categories of distance that participants could choose which category they could join. In this race, there could be hundreds of participants who will join the race and have the goal to either finish the race or win the race. If you win, you will also receive trophy and cash prize. But running in long distance and non-stop can be very exhausting. If you are not physically prepared, you might faint during the race. So, prepare yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.


With your physical preparation, you need to make sure that you practice regularly so that your body could already adjust with the distance that you want to race. Aside from practicing, you also need to know how you could increase your energy level. With running, your body will be using so much energy that you will be left exhausted after the race. So, if you don’t want to faint during the race and you want to win, you need to start a good diet. What to eat before a race can be the question that is on your mind right now. As I have said, your body needs to be fueled before the race. You need to increase your energy supply and one way to do that by eating carbo diet. A carbohydrate is a substance that your body can use and convert it to energy. So, if you have good supply of carbs in your body, then your body could use them to provide you with energy that you need during the race.


Carbo diet can be pasta, bread, and rice. Try to eat a lot of pasta dishes at least two weeks before the race, same with rice and bread. Your body will them store all the carbs and it will used during the race. But stop eating a day before the racing day. Let your body rest before the race. Try to relax and get a good sleep. For your mental preparation, don’t expect too much from yourself. Win or lose it doesn’t matter as long as you were able to finish the race that is already an accomplishment.

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092 History of MarathonsMarathon races has been one of the most popular race events that are being held worldwide. In different parts of the world, many people have become passionate with this event. One of the reasons behind is the health benefits that it provides to the runner. If you have some underlying health condition that requires exercise, this could be a good way to do your exercise. But around the world, there were considered as top marathons race because of the big number of participants who joined the race for a good cause. Each marathon that is held has a purpose aside from health benefits. Most of the time marathon race is held because of one reason – fund raising. This is one of the best ways to raise money to help the needy. That’s why any people join this race because they know that they are not only running for themselves but for a cause.


Know The Schedule Marathon Race

If you want to join a marathon race, they very first thing that you should know are the schedule of the race. Most of the time, marathon schedule is being spread out through fliers, posters, word of mouth, and other ads. It’s important that you know the schedule so you could prepare yourself for the race. Try to know the schedule at least a month before so you would have enough time to prepare.


Prepare Yourself By Training

Once you already know the schedule, start preparing yourself as soon as possible. Start your training every day. Of course your training will be running because marathon is a running contest. So, try to know the distance that you want to join. In marathon race there are categories with regards to the distance. But in other marathon race they have only one category and standard distance. So, for you to endure the entire race, you need to prepare your body for that distance. The standard distance for marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards.


Running Shoes

Of course, if you want to be comfortable especially your feet, you need to have running shoes. You can’t just wear any shoes, it should be a running shoes. Running shoes were designed for running. They give the best comfort for running, especially long distance and non-stop running.



Another very important preparation is your diet. You need to make sure that you have enough carbohydrates in your body to boost your energy level. They say that at least two weeks before the race; you need to eat plenty of carbo diet such as rice, pasta, bread, and etc. But a day before the race you need to rest from all your trainings and diet.

Now you see that joining a marathon race requires lots of preparation especially if you want to win.

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088 Preparing for a raceAre you running for the upcoming marathon race in your place? Marathon races have been there for decades already and they have already made a great impact to people’s lives and to the community. It has affected the lives of many and most of them are positive for the reason that this activity promotes health. Running is an excellent way to lose weight, improve your respiratory, strengthening your lungs, and improves your resistance. But if you think that running is easy, try to think again because this could be one of the most exhausting sports that you will do. This is not the type of sport that you just wake up and run. This requires proper training and preparation, especially if you an amateur runner. There are so many things to do for preparation before you can run and finish the entire course. Let’s discuss the most important preparation that every runner must do for them to achieve their goal: your 5 effective ways in preparing for race.



Since you are an amateur runner, it is very important that you go through proper training. Try to check the schedule of your race. The reason why I’m letting you check the racing day because you need to have enough time to train at least two weeks before the big race. Try to run every day if possible to make your body get use to the route. Try to increase the distance or the hour of your running every day. In marathon race, there are categories when it comes to the distance that you will be running. If you are running for 10km, try to achieve that during your training.



You also need to hydrate yourself since running can be very exhausting and you will be sweating a lot. So to prevent dehydration, make sure that your body is fully hydrated. Drink more fluid before the race.


Eat Right

You also need to eat right. You need to eat more carbs since your body will be using so much energy when you are running.


Running Gear

Your running outfit is very important for your comfort. You need to wear something light in weight so you can run faster and comfortable.


Get Enough Rest

One of the most important preparations you need is to get enough rest. If your body is in proper condition, you will be able to run effectively. Sleep early and right number of hours.

If you do these five factors, I guarantee that you can finish your race and even win the race.

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019 Becoming a RunnerAre you looking for excellent tips in becoming a runner? What brings you to running? There are good reasons why you run. It is probably you want to lose weight fast or you want a win the trophy or be seen on TV. Anyway, whatever your reasons are, I’m glad you find time to run. Don’t you know that it is a very good exercise? Yes! It targets not just your lower muscles but even your cardio, endurance, flexibility, strength, speed, and posture. Instead of doing unnecessary things over the weekend or during vacation, why don’t you join fun runs or be part of the marathons? You can do it. Here are a few tips to finish strong.


Keep Motivated

There’s more in being a runner. It is not just on how you run or how you started but also how you finish the race. If you like to be better in such sport, have that strong motivation. Be better not because your coach want you to be but because you want it for yourself. Stay motivated how tough the challenges are each time you run. Don’t let your fears control you instead control them. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get the first spot. What matters is you finish each race with a happy heart. Just motivate yourself!


Run With Focus

Why you need to focus during runs? It is for you to finish. Don’t expect that you’ll be at your fastest rate your third time to run. Progress will show little by little. While on the race or in practice, just focus. It helps a lot. You get the chance to think why you run. Winners are obviously the fastest runners. But, do you know what they have in common? They are all focused to whatever goals they have.


Good Diet

Eat right food. This is an important reminder in becoming a runner. You are what you eat. So, if you eat nutritious foods that sustain your body needs, you’ll feel and look better. A good diet should be a balanced diet. It gives you enough carbohydrates, protein, nutrients, etc. There is stress in running and proper eating can help eliminate stress.


Own the Right Stuff

Make sure you have the right shoes, apparel and safety gadgets. If you feel comfortable with what you are wearing then you won’t mind anything. Seek right brands and always go for quality options. They last longer.

There are many ways in becoming a good runner. Tips are even coming from the experts. But, the most important is your determination.019 Becoming a Runner

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092 History of MarathonsDo you like to know the history of marathons? If you are an avid marathoner then knowing how marathons started is really interesting. It will give you an edge. You run while you share story.  Whatever you learn, you can share it. The marathon started100 years ago so if you think you are the first to run, you are wrong. It started in the past with only a few runners not now wherein almost every nation joins runs. They do it for fun. The longest race recorded was less than 5 kilometers. When this sport becomes popular, it was already organized in countless cities. Winners are given recognition and cash prizes. The first men are great runners because they were born hunters. Imagine yourself hunting in the wilds. You don’t just observe your target. You even run until you caught it. Human’s stamina is unbeatable and it is the reason why running is a bearable activity. The fastest runners came from the military society and a few civilians who later one served as community messengers. Before, messengers simply run places to places not until the ride with a horse.

In the old Egypt, running was a great military skill. It is something that a military should have. The famous King Taharka of the Egyptians are fond of organizing long distance runs to train his army. The distance is close to 100 km. Later on, the event was termed “Pharaonic 100km” wherein participants’ starting line is from the Sakkara pyramids to Hawara pyramid at El Faioum, south-west of Cairo. You heard of the famous mythic run of Pheidippides from Marathon to Athens?  This story has a lot of versions and it plays a role in the rise of marathon. 50 years later, Herodotus revealed that Pheidippides had been sent to Sparta, before the war to ask for help. But, Herodotus didn’t mention whether Pheidippides returned with a reply. This event was commemorated through the Spartathlon race. This long distance run is about 240km.

Pheidippides’ death run from Marathon going to Athens was even made into a poem by the famous poet, Robert Browning.

After Pheidippides’ death run, De Coubertin appeared. He was a Frenchman who sought reasons for the weakened French national standing. He handled public schools. He put emphasis on sporting endeavors. In a tour, he happened to met William Brookes, the man who started the Much Wenlock Olympic Society. De Coubertin was then inspired to launch his own Olympic campaign and that was in1892. Two years after, the International Olympic Committee at the Sorbonne was made possible. The delegates then strongly support the first modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens. Now, running is already an all-time favorite sport.

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Do you run marathons and other races? If so, you know how important it is to have good nutrition. The thing is, there is an art to fueling your body and it can be tricky to figure things out. What to eat before a race is a prime example of this.

The meal that you consume before your race is very important. If you eat the wrong foods it can slow you down and prevent you from doing your best. If you are set on winning, it can even cost you the title. The thing is, the right foods can vary from runner to runner so it is a good idea to experiment with this during training.

Think About Quantity

When determining what to eat before the race, you should think about how much food you want to consume. Do you eat a lot during a long race or tend to eat light? Do you plan on consuming a big meal the night before? These are some things to think about when selecting your meal. The size of your meal matters, but it also varies.

What to Eat

What kinds of foods should you be eating? It helps of you understand that the purpose of this meal is to provide your body, namely your liver, with glycogen. Glycogen comes from carbohydrate rich food like oatmeal and whole what toast.

When to Eat

The ideal time to eat this meal is about 3 or 4 hours before the race. What if the race is early in the morning? Just do your best to try to get a meal inside of you (a small one) two hours beforehand. It could help if you eat some cereal or spaghetti before bed so that your glycogen stores will be higher when you wake up.

Every runner is different. The meal that you eat before the race will depend on a variety of factors. These tips can help.

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Everybody knows by now that if you want to lose weight you need to burn off some extra calories. Losing weight through running is therefore an extremely popular method as most also know that getting out and running is a very efficient way to shed a few extra calories on a daily basis. The fact that running allows the freedom to exercise without the need for specialized equipment, and overpaid personal trainers, may also be partially responsible for its popularity.

Running does require a decent pair of running shoes designed to protect our feet and legs from damage. To run comfortably, it is wise for the new runner to not skimp on this aspect of the sport. A cheap pair of sneakers will more than likely cause pain and ultimately a failure in weight loss goals. Who wants to run when it hurts so much? So get a decent pair of running shoes for the best chance of success.

Like many popular weight loss methods, running is only a small part of the picture if you plan on taking it up for the purposes of losing weight. Sure, running will burn through a few calories, but as it takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes of exercise to burn off the calories in one can of Coca-Cola, it makes sense to alter the diet slightly for some extra weight loss benefits.

We are not talking about drastic changes here, but rather substitution. Instead of a soda drink for dinner, have a very chilled glass of water. Your body will speed up its metabolism in order to get the cold water up to body temperature. Not only do you remove the extra calories from the sugary drink, but you also get an extra benefit from a speedier metabolism. It may not seem like much, but over a lifetime these little changes in lifestyle can all add up to extra health and vitality.

Losing weight through running, and keeping it off, should not be a passing fad, but rather a lifelong commitment. Running is a great way of losing weight and keeping fit. Slotting a quick run into our lives, 3 or 4 times a week, and with a few minor changes to our diet can make drastic differences to our energy and fitness levels. Give it a try and see how much your life can change for the better.

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Most serious runners are conscientious about eating a healthy diet; however, that does not mean that they necessarily get all of the vitamins and minerals that they need for a healthy and strong body. This is especially true for athletes who like to train for races and marathons. Many running experts agree that there are some supplements that help for races and should become a part of the runner’s preparation for competitive running events.

For example, calcium is an essential mineral that is needed for strong bones. Additionally, adequate amounts of calcium not only help ensure strong bones, but can play a major role in reducing the likelihood of stress fractures. Another important nutritional supplement for serious runners, as well as individuals who are concerned about the quality of their diet, is fish oil. Studies have shown that the omega-3 fatty acids that are present in fish oil can actually help reduce muscle soreness while increasing lean muscle. This can be especially advantageous for runners of all levels.

Iron is another supplement that can be especially helpful for athletes because it plays a vital role in helping transport oxygen to the muscles. People who have low iron are often lacking in energy, which can certainly be detrimental to a competitive runner. Additionally, taking too much iron can cause organ damage, so it is wise to speak with a physician before supplementing your diet with this mineral.

While there is some controversy over whether or not a multi-vitamin is needed, the serious athlete who is in hard training could potential benefit from this supplement.  Additional controversy looms regarding the hcg diet, and wether it’s a viable weight loss option. Most people, especially those who eat a well balanced diet, will probably not need  a multi-vitamin; however, many people are lacking in some food groups and could potentially benefit from supplementing their diet with a daily multi-vitamin.

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Running is all the rage these days. Whether male or female, young or old, just about anyone can join this fun physical activity. With the numerous health benefits of running, it is no wonder why more and more people are lacing up their shoes and entering this sport.

Running is perfect for those people who desire to lose weight. This exercise burns more calories compared to any other cardiovascular exercise and increases metabolism. It is ideal for those individuals who want to stay in shape but do not want to shell out loads of money for gym membership and spend several hours a day working with machines.

Another advantage of this workout is that it significantly reduces the risk of acquiring osteoporosis and other bone-related ailments. Running boosts a bone’s density, thereby offering more protection against breakage and injury. This is particularly useful as people grow older and their bones become brittle and weak.

Studies have shown that running is good for the heart. Aside from lowering an individual’s blood pressure, the activity also increase good cholesterol, lessens the risk of acquiring blood clots, all of which work to bring down the chance of having a heart attack.

This sport also increases lung capacity as it uses fifty percent of a person’s lungs that is usually left unutilized. Several former smokers have experienced firsthand regaining their full lung capacity after following their program for eight months. People who suffer from asthma will also be able to reap the health benefits of running.

Running requires the observance of the proper form – shoulders level, back straight, head up and relaxed arms and hands. As a result, runners stand straighter and have excellent posture. They exude self-confidence. Like any other workout or exercise, it is best to consult a doctor before embarking on a running program.

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